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Run-Flat Tyres (RFT) Pros & Cons

28 August 2010 - Over 70% of all drivers have had a flat tyre at one point or another. Over 25% of them felt incapable of changing the tyre themselves, and it’s safe to say that the others didn’t enjoy it much either. Moreover, sudden air loss during a blowout can be one of the most dangerous situations a driver can face.

New Mercedes-Benz CLS Officially Revealed 2011

27 August 2010 - The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class created a new vehicle category in 2003 by combining the elegance and expressiveness of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a sedan. The Mercedes CLS  delighted the public, astounded the competition and created a new style icon: for years the CLS has endured as the only four-door coupé in its class, and since October 2004 it has been the car of choice for around 170,000 buyers worldwide. "Customers all over the world benefited from our bold move to launch a completely new vehicle concept onto the market", explains a delighted Dr. Joachim Schmidt, member of the board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sales & Marketing. "And with its exciting design, the new edition of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class also benefits from the fact that we are a whole generation ahead of the competition with our four-door Coupé."

DeLaSalle EV Aims for World Record, Superefficient electric car

26 August 2010 - The big automotive producers aren't the only ones shaking the world of electric vehicles. A number of universities from around the world are also contributing to the EV development.The latest project of this kind comes from a team of students from the DeLaSalle School in Kansas city, and has been developed together with engineers from Bridgestone America’s Technical Center in Akron, Ohio.

Peugeot Launches World's First Full Hybrid Diesel Vehicle

25 August 2010 - Marrying diesel and hybrid technology has long been deemed too expensive. However, Peugeot has just announced the 3008 Crossover Hybrid 4 as the first diesel “full hybrid” production car in the world. The Peugeot 3008 Crossover, with HYbrid4 technology, is the first diesel ‘Full Hybrid’ production car in the world.

Proton Reveals New Logo & Special Edition Models For 25th Anniversary

24 August 2010 - It has been 25 years since the founding of Proton  in 1985, on 9th of July to be precise. To celebrate this special year, Proton has unveiled the official 25th anniversary logo, the product of an internal logo design competition, and lined up an entire year of events including a photo contest, a charity road show and the finale, a gala dinner on the 9th of July, during when Proton will present the 25th anniversary special edition Saga, Persona and Exora models—each limited to 25 units, of course.

Thai automobile exports race ahead Asia market in July

23 August 2010 - Our northern neighbours Thailand were treated to good news when it was revealed that auto exports from the Land of Smiles reached a record high in July. Exports totalled 87,605 units last month, which is 140% more than July 09 figures. These vehicles were valued at 39.8 billion baht, up by 129% year-on-year.

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