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New Proton Inspira based on Mitsubishi Lancer previewed on TV3

06 September 2010 - Proton decided to give Media Prima’s TV3 a scoop on the new Proton Waja replacement “P390A” model based on the current generation Mitsubishi Lancer. A TV3 program earlier this week had shots of a covered Proton-badged Lancer with a red paintjob.

News about the newest model Proton Waja replacement or Proton Waja Replacement is a hot and much awaited by all. Proton Waja is a model developed by Proton from R & D and it is not a model of the Mitsubishi direbadge. After a long launched by Proton and growing popularity sinking deck presence of other models of the same segment as the Toyota Vios and Honda City, the new Proton Waja will be launched by the end of this year. Proton is the desire to dominate the market back in the C segment is now only depends on the Persona model only with a very rewarding sales volume every month.

Mess of Multiplication is Made by Mini Countryman commercial

03 September 2010 - Beside the fun-to-drive FWD vehicles, MINI also stands out with their unique and innovative marketing campaigns. MINI has always appealed to a younger crowd, funky in a way, yet still mature to appreciate the driving experience as well.

Corollas sold in Malaysia has no recall

02 September 2010 - UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd has issued a statement regarding the Toyota recalls in the US. The following are extracts from the press release they’ve emailed us, and you can find the press release in full after the jump

Caltex diesel were 47% cleaner than base diesel without an additive.

01 September 2010 - Every oil company will tell you that their fuels are all the better because of the special additive they add to them. And so it goes.While they are duking it out among themselves for market share, Chevron Malaysia included, a twist on the "my-additive-is-so-much-better" mantra is now applied to diesel instead of petrol.

2011 Lexus IS-F Car Review

31 August 2010 - Lexus IS sedans and convertibles are quick, stylish rear-wheel-drive cars that combine sharp handling with luxury performance features.Trim, sleek and relatively light, they offer paddle-shift transmissions, good brakes and, in the IS 350, 0-60 acceleration as quick as 5.6 seconds.They are designed to offer comparable style and performance features as the BMW 3 Series cars and Mercedes CLK 350, but at a lower price.

Carlashes, make Pixar's Cars become real

30 August 2010 - Let's put a little Sunday smile on your face. If you want to add some personality to your car or you are an attention-seeker, CarLashes might just rock your boat. Pixar's Cars proved what most of us have known since we were little kids: the front end of a car looks a lot like a face.

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