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Persona Elegance pre-launch


Proton invited a few Persona Elegance pre-launch booking customers from East Malaysia to the launch of the new Persona Elegance at their COE headquarters by the KESAS highway yesterday. They were also here to visit Proton’s plant, Proton’s test track and of course the launch itself. It’s all part of the My Proton Journey program.

MD of the Proton Group, Dato’ Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, he introduced the new Persona Elegance, an updated model of the sedan which was launched in August 2007. He revealed that a lot of surveys were conducted to understand customer needs and customer profiles before working on the new model.

“We changed what was necessary and not for the sake of changing,” he said and explained that once the product development team understood their customers’ needs, they then set out to enhance and refine the model with the aim of delivering 'a car that offers exceptionally better value for money’.

Also of strategic importance was the need to lift the image of Proton cars from that of 'cheap’ cars that people buy just because they are the cheapest around, to an image where people buy Protons because they choose to. This has called for a great effort in all areas from sales and after-sales as well as production to deliver an ownership experience that will build loyalty. But the big challenge is still the expectation of Malaysian customers which, Dato’ Syed Zainal Abidin said is 'they want Japanese standards but Malaysian pricing!’. In other words, Malaysians expect a Proton car to be as well equipped and as well built as a Japanese car but they want it to be more affordable.

Proton is working towards that, he assured, and the Persona Elegance shows that they are making good progress. The Elegance replaces all previous versions and is available with three equipment levels – Base line, Medium line and High line. The Persona SE, launched in August 2008, will no longer be offered but customers can get the same extra fittings in the High line Elegance which comes with a standard bodykit, leather upholstery, cruise control and route navigation system. Price increases, depending on the version, range from RM500 to RM2,600.

Like other Protons, the Elegance comes with a 2-year/50,000 km factory warranty plus a 3-year/125,000 km extended warranty.

The introduction of the Persona Elegance should increase monthly sales to at least 4,000 units a month from the average of 3,500 units since it was launched. This will mean and 11% increase in cars being sold over the next 12 months, representing an 11% increase compared to the last 12-month’s performance,” said Dato’ Syed Zainal Abidin.

In conjunction with the launch of this new model, Proton Edar and EON showrooms will having Proton 4U customer days on March 20/21 (this Saturday and Sunday). Those who test-drive the new model during these two days can take part in the 'Xperience Persona Elegance Contest’ with RM200 shopping vouchers for 100 winners. An additional RM500 rebate will be given to the winners if they purchase the new model within a month after the winners’ announcement in May 2010.

PRICES (manual/automatic)
Base Line : RM46,499/49,999
Medium Line : RM52,999/RM55/999
High Line : RM59,499 (automatic only)



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