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New Generation Toyota Camry 2012 Teased


24 December 2011 - The new generation Toyota Camry 2012 is no longer a rumor or speculation anymore. Recently, Toyota Corporation is hyped up to bring the new redesign Toyota Camry 2012 to the world. It has been widely speculate that the next generation of Toyota Camry will be a same model across the world whether it’s America, Europe or Asia. Toyota City has turned out the seventh-generation Camry – a model that's been altered with blink-and-you'll-miss-it delicacy. But as millions of current Camry owners will tell you, that may not be a bad thing.

The latest generation carries itself with dimensions identical to the 2011 model. Total length, wheelbase, width and height are all carried-over dimensions, resulting in a familiar profile. Even so, the company's engineers and designers have cloaked the sedan in entirely new sheetmetal from stem to stern. A completely new nose incorporates a refreshed headlight design with an integrated chrome grille. The assembly splays from fender to fender with the goal of giving the vehicle the impression of greater width without actually stretching the model's track.

A new front bumper cover with a jutting chin and expansive lower air intake is framed by chrome foglight recesses on L, LE and XLE models, though our SE tester came equipped with a decidedly more stylish front fascia. With three front air inlets, subtle chrome accenting, a honeycomb grille insert and a set of faux canards, the Camry SE manages to be more engaging than forgettable – certainly a step in the right direction for the model. Above all else, Toyota has worked to make the Camry as slippery as possible, and the company has brought all of its considerable aerodynamic knowledge to bear on the sedan.

The 2012 Camry's sides are contoured with an angled character line, and door handles are tucked just below the detail. Toyota desperately wants us to believe that the new crease helps give the vehicle a wedge-like shape, but the truth is that from a profile view, the 2012 Camry remains very similar to its sixth-generation counterpart. As part of the overall aerodynamic package, the side-view mirrors feature a small fin designed to create air vortices as the vehicle travels at speed. According to Toyota, those vortices provide a protective buffer around the car to help the vehicle slip through the air. The company says the tech was gleaned from its Formula One efforts.

Wheel options start with a 16-inch steel roller with a plastic cover on the fleet-oriented L trim, though 17-inch alloys can be had on LE, XLE and SE vehicles. Our V6 tester came packing the largest option of the bunch – an 18-inch aluminum alloy wheel with a twisted-spoke design.

The rear of the sedan incorporates new taillights that back away from the chrome-and-clear heavy design of the 2011 model for a more mature look. The lamps boast an integrated aerodynamic fin, just like the side-view mirrors, and L, LE and XLE vehicles wear a chrome accent across the span of the trunk. Meanwhile, SE models are equipped with a monochrome accent and slightly more aggressive dual chrome exhaust tips as well as a trunk-lid lip spoiler.

The dashboard structure and assembly was also thoroughly reworked to prevent noise intrusion. The structure employs a new cross member and center brace, along with sandwiched sheet steel to suppress resonance and vibration. With the sandwiched steel, asphalt foam is used to absorb vibration energy while increasing sound blocking effectiveness.


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