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Malaysia Eclimo electric two-wheelers bike debut


16 March 2011 - In the past, driven by a gasoline engine two-wheelers, called "Motor West" or "motorcycle", also commonly known as "motor cycle"; recently, a motorcycle driven by electricity, a veritable "motorcycle" will be grand debut. By local companies ecLiMo Sdn.Bhd. Homemade ecLiMo "Alice mold" motorcycles, is our fight against petrol price increases, the importance of maintaining environmental transport, marking the success of China's motorcycle business innovation initiatives for the middle and lower transport to bring the good news with a revolutionary!

Approved by the Land Transport Authority
The company has been awarded the "National Green Technology Machine Ji status" will shortly be approved by the Land Transport Authority, the formal market. It will be 16 this month, the official hotel in the capital profile of thinking (Corus) promotion ceremony was held, there must be a grand time is expected.

Generally, the impression of motorcycles only entertainment, just for fun nature, but the company is seriously in fact, sought to elaborate practical, silent, odorless, comfortable, the type used in the mainstream of transport, and there is speed, with the launch of gasoline motorcycle class.

Up to 110 km per hour
EcLiMo electric motorized two-wheeled motorcycle with an ordinary 125cc, top speed of 110 km, the user can have a spare power back and forth destination.

"Aili mode" design, can be safe in the rain, even in wet conditions and over water leakage, the batteries used in portable, can be at home, HDB or offices without charging extra charger.

The company's chief executive officer of the Hu to the "red tomato" Weekly describes the characteristics of this revolutionary means of transport, and confidence in the country to occupy an important export market and leadership position.

Let the choice of three styles
He said: when the motorcycle began to market a total of three models, the price is also very popular, and strive to the general public, working stage, housewives and other economic uses, but also slow down the traffic congestion in urban areas.

It uses the battery power is low, about 60V electric charge in the current rate of just 3 hours, is expected to use the car owners just 87 cents per 100 km, comparison, gasoline-driven motor, the same distance may take 6 ringgit, and the new electric design, but also has the convenience of automatic charge to help speed up the recharging process.

Because do not have a high low-end conversion system, the owner need not worry about converting to choose the correct driver. Motorcycle wheel assembly in Sha Anan, electric devices and batteries were manufactured in Penang and Kulim. The first year in production, the plant can produce 40,000 units.

Companies were also planned for this July for the Japanese motorcycle market promotion. Japan has world-class brand, therefore, involved in the Japanese market, local companies do this is a great challenge.

Because of this motorcycle without an engine, exhaust pipes, fuel tanks, so no need maintenance, cost savings in this regard, today's inflation will certainly be welcomed by the owners.

Price starting from 6 thousand ringgit
As for the selling price, Hu pointed out that the price per aircraft motorcycle about 6 thousand ringgit to 10,000 ringgit varied, depending on the different styles, depending on the price of the first ten thousand units can be as low as three thousand ringgit.

He pointed out that the battery charge and the high cost of production very expensive, but definitely the future as demand reduction. Aspects of the battery, but the company does not sell the goods to the owners to rent.

Cost of the entire frame motorcycle battery is the most expensive part, so the company is planning a system for owners of old battery can be replaced with new batteries, surrendered only a low monthly fee, but can also recharge the battery to extend the period life.

Another "A class" output abroad
In addition, the company also plans to launch another year an electric mini-motorcycles or "A Chai" (Kapchai). Export plans also include the ASEAN, Hong Kong, Macau and Bangladesh.

In short, Malaysia's motorcycles are available in the history of transportation innovation a bold, innovative concepts, especially in fuel costs rising, prices Biao price today, people pay more attention to environmental circumstances, this new product introduced, even ahead of the advanced countries, Japan, South Korea, it is indeed proud of our country side.

After several experiments, after the trial run, ecLiMo motorcycle in full compliance with official standards of quality, but also suitable for our climate and road driving conditions. "Alice die," the popular, easy to use, when to foretell.

Source: Eclimo


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