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Peugeot 3008, the SUV, the MPV and hatchback


09 March 2011 - The Peugeot 3008 is a compact and spacious crossover. It represents a new and innovative offer, not only in the Peugeot range but also in today's car market as a whole. Manufactured in Eastern France at the Sochaux manufacturing plant, its concept and specification has draw on all of Peugeot's expertise and values.

The all new Peugeot 3008, was termed as a crossover in Europe,but marketed as an SUV here. Outlook wise, the compact SUV wasn't any bit restrained, however it odes portray a sense of utter confidence, albeit one that doesn't goes overboard. The large mesh grill up fornt and the profile does echo that of the Peugeot 308, given that they're derived from similar platforms. But given that it is essentially an SUV, it sits higher, portrays a very eager amd capable stance. 

Moving into the fighter jet inspired 'cockpit', you are instantly greeted with a well built interior, plush leather all round. Another 'wow' factor would be the head up display, driving informations are being projected to a retractable screen on top front end of the dash, sadly it only displays cruising speed and cruise control indications. Look up and you will spot a 17 square feet panoramic glass roof with automated retractable blind, perfect to experience the open top motoring without running your hairdo. The 3008 is equipped with tons of features, here are some worth mentioning the automatic electronic parking brake; sensor activated wipers and headlights; auto dimming rear view mirror; 6-speaker audio systemand the 60.40 split folding rear seat.Both rear and front passenger seats can be configured to a flat floor load area, enable of storing goods up to 9 feet of lenght, and access from the rear is through a set of split tailgate.
Powering the 3008 is the same 1.6Ltwin scroll turbo found in the Peugeot 308 Turbo, yet power output is now higher rated at 156hp, maximum torque of 240Nm arrives as early as 1,400rpm and is mated with a 6-speed tiptronic gearbox, leaving you far from embarassment during overtakes. The dynamic roll control (DRC) which features a hydralic central module connecting the two rear absorbers act as a third absorber, the system takes effect during cornering by hydraulically linking the left and right absorbers to increase the damping effect, thus minimizing body roll and taking you through the bends safely and confidently.
At an early stage of the project, the search for optimal environmental efficiency was a major priority, especially as the vehicle was a crossover. Particular attention was paid to the car's aerodynamics (Cx of only 0.296), weight optimisation (lightweight materials, laser welding, etc) and Michelin tyres with a low rolling resistance (derived from the Peugeot 308) are fitted to most versions.
At the heart of the Peugeot 3008's eco-efficiency, its six power trains feature the most advanced technologies in the market segment, both for petrol (with the 1.6 litre VTi and THP engines developed in co-operation with the BMW Group) and diesel versions (1.6 and 2.0 litre HDi fitted with a diesel particulate emission filter). Fuel consumption on the most eco-friendly version is therefore reduced to only 4.9 litres/100 km or 130 g/km of CO2.
• Price: RM143,888.00
• Engine:14-Cylinder Twin Scroll Turbo
• Displacement:1.6 liter
• Power/Torgue:156hp/240Nm
• Tranmission: 6 Speed (A)
• Fuel System: RON95/RON97
• Tyres: 225/50R17
• Airbags: 6



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