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Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle


28 February 2011 - At the beginning of the Qatar Motor Show, VW deliberately on display in addition to local consumption habits for the concept car, the also launched a film called "XL1" energy-saving concept car, although the world's most hard-pressed areas of the oil released Energy-saving concept car a little strange, but this car, Dr. Pierre reached a year under the rhetoric issued ─ "launched just 100 km per 1 liter of gasoline vehicles."

In fact, as early as 2002, when Dr. Pierre as VW CEO, once drove the concept at the 1-Litre car to drive from Hamburg, Wolfsburg shareholders to participate in that year, when the 1-Litre concept car has reached 0.99 L/100km of fuel consumption data, but only 300c.c. engine displacement, coupled with high magnesium alloy frame with carbon fiber sheet metal parts, at the time so the car seems very dream, it seems like Dr. Pierre Dreams of another spring.

After many years, VW launched in 2009, without warning, "L1 concept car", which inherited the 1-Litre car all the design elements, but the body enlarged, and with Plug-In Hybrid systems, but fuel consumption is slightly backward, a 1.38 L/100km. The overall design of a new generation of cars become more mature than the first generation of cars seem to have become something more real, but the fuel consumption is more than a hundred kilometers per liter of fantasy standards, VW compromise Just when we thought the occasion, its actually in the Middle East With the standard fuel consumption data released new 0.99L/100km XL1.

XL1 has launched a new reality closer to the set, body size is also further enlarged, although body weight increased nearly doubled, but still maintain the level of fuel consumption does one liter of people greatly admire, but more importantly, Performance in terms of performance car, 0 ~ 100km / h acceleration performance was 11.9 seconds, top speed was 160km / h, this data has been with the current performance of the car close to the majority will should not let the driver feel efficient car is too blunt Too slow is not practical.

New cars still use the 0.8 l cylinder TDI engine, maximum engine power output is increased to 48hp, electric motor's output also increased to 27hp, while the use of very sophisticated transmission of seven quick-drying type dual clutch DSG gearbox; according to VW's test data, This car can travel 35 kilometers of pure electric power.

VW aspects of the past have said that in the 1-Liter plan, the most critical technology of carbon fiber, for the pursuit of the ultimate lightweight L1, XL1, the carbon fiber has a high unit price of the manufacturing cost is critical to the impact. VW side, 1-Liter concept car that can mass production, the most critical part of the production is the cost of carbon fiber body, whether down to meet the needs of mass production prices; according to market rumors that, XL1 will be in Germany and Between the United States to launch a limited way, as to selling price is no clear figures.


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