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Proton EMAS to enter India using Nissan March platform


03 November 2010 - Proton EMAS, unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow is really amazing. Our first concept car which is planned to be in production line soon (might be in 2011) makes Proton leading in front of others with the most high tech compact concept car design. My trip to Geneva recently gave too many inputs of this superb Electric Hybrid Car from Proton which has been designed by Italdesign and Engine Technology By Lotus and soon will be produced by our car manufacturer, Proton.

At the eightieth edition of the Geneva International Motor show (4-14 March 2010),Italdesign Giugiaro is introducing Emas, a family of low environmental impact cars that is set to revolutionise traditional segmentation in the car market.

The design, created with the Malaysian manufacturer PROTON is based on a plug-in hybrid drive system designed with Lotus Engineering and was developed with the aim of optimising the available on-board space and car access ergonomics. “We have created a family of models in different configurations but all offering the passenger room of a medium-category car while maintaining the exterior dimensions of a compact mini. The architecture has been designed in such a way as to allow us to outfit an infinite number of variants without compromising the car’s great comfort and extensive interior space” explained Giorgetto Giugiaro, Chairman of Italdesign Giugiaro.

With 25 years in the automotive sector PROTON has produced 15 car models to date that have sold more than 3 million units throughout the world and is now ready to expand its horizons with a range of revolutionary cars that meet international standards. The name, Emas, meaning “gold” in Malay, is the acronym for Eco Mobility Advanced Solutions.

A compact car with the passenger room of an SUV “With this project, we have shown that the car layout can remain unchanged irrespective of the type of fuel system; be it conventional, hybrid with petrol engine, hybrid with natural gas engine or fully electric”.

The platform, specially designed by Italdesign Giugiaro for this car family, includes a raised floorpan that is able to accommodate the hybrid or electric system batteries in the centre. The raised position of the seats, all electrically adjustable, allows passengers to make the best possible use of the interior space. The combination of these two design features makes the actions of getting into and out of the car very user-friendly, particularly at the rear. The levels of convenience are comparable only to those of a few other higher-category cars.

The seat H point (corresponding to the passenger hip position) is located higher than that of mass-produced cars but lower than that of an SUV. “This is the outcome of several years of study: the solution allows interior roominess on a par with that of a segment D saloon despite maintaining the exterior dimensions of a segment A car”, explained Giorgetto Giugiaro.

“There were discussions in terms of technology, platforms and how we can work with others to source engines to us. The current trend is to come up with cars, including those using hybrid technology, that are fuel-efficient and produce low amounts of carbon emission. As Proton is a competitive company, we will take on this concept and make it a reality,” Proton MD Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin was quoted as saying before.


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